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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Life Worth A Lot

I’ve lost my patience, yet again, with a dear fellow believer.  The occasion was reading an e-mail which excerpted a portion of the late Rev. Charles Spurgeon’s writings on exactly what “death” is like for believers.  Aside from the obvious, that God said we will not taste death, it’s not only impossible to describe; it’s nothing to be bothered about. 
I mean, why take up precious minutes we could be carrying on some heavenly, ordained activity by rolling over and over the teeny, tiny amount of time (which, by the way, will be done away with anyway) our being caught up will be like? 
If you must dwell on death, here’s a much more practical exercise, in my opinion.  Just look into your experience right now.  Ok, how dead are you?  How much of your recent thought and activity has been carried out by a fully-dead-to-self-and-self-interests, but instead yielded-completely-to our Savior/Creator/Lord/Master…  Well, how much?
I’ll leave with this encouraging declaration:  The more dead (in this glorious way) you are, the much more alive your experience will be. 
Onward, Upward, and forever HIS.

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