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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My First Official Rant

Happy Days  are here again…I hope!  I’ve been on a virtual dark place for several days.  It started when I decided a business person like myself should not have “.blogspot.com” as part of their wonderful blog address.  U G H. 

First, I spent way too many hours on the phone with or w-a-i-t-i-n-g    on    h—o—l—d   with my web hosting company, Bizland with NO success.  They are losing points with me quickly.

Secondly, I spent way too many hours reading complicated jargon about redirecting and what-not, with no real success either.

Thirdly, the wonderful world of “Word Press” completly republished my site with their name plastered all over every page—not acceptable, or accessible. 

And, so, whether the “blogspot.com” makes me look like an amateur or not, I’m quite pleased with it for now.  --What did I expect for virtually no monetary outlay?  Ah, one day, far, far away…          

Friday, November 11, 2011


Hydrogen Peroxide gets out pet stain and odors from my carpet, along with those mystery dots from who knows where. 

Kroger sells a nice flip top jar for a great price.

  1.  If obvious moisture is on carpet, absorb it first.  (Note to newbies:  Do not force moisture deeper into the carpet by rubbing.  Instead, lay an absorbent cloth or paper over the wet area, and then step on cloth or paper until moisture is absorbed.)
  2.  I just open the top and squirt liberally. 
No wiping, no anything. 
When it’s dry (might take a day or two, depending on size of stain), if stain remains, or comes back, simply repeat. 
Eventually (usually no more than 2 or 3 applications) stain is g o n e! 
The odor disappears too!
...................Linda (I'm not affiliated with Kroger, any brand should work.  )

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Staples Can Hurt

On my way to find out just how dangerous the metal staples on my prescription bags (and CHINESE FOOD CARRY-OUT BAGS!) really were, I happened across a comprehensive document on safety writing for the Hospitality Institute of Technology Management. (C&F:homecook/home-2006-2col-clr-forpdf- rev 10/30/08 print 10/30/08 © HITM 1994 Jun 06 edition 2006)
In short, staples can hurt people by poking and/or scratching their fingers, or other body parts, and yes, people do swallow them, or pieces of them, by mistake—ouch!  The most outstanding thing I learned is, according to the article:
 “Insurance companies pay more money for mouth and throat injuries due to hard foreign objects in the food than for any type of food borne illness.” 

The article goes on to say the reason for this is because of how easy it is to determine injury cause for these cases.  My input is, I was right!  Staples in a kitchen can be a problem.

On the other hand, the article also warned against one of my favorite all time products… “Metal scrub pads should not be used for cleaning pots and pans and other surfaces, because the fine pieces of metal may get into the food.
C&F:homecook/home-2006-2col-clr-forpdf- rev 10/30/08 print 10/30/08 © HITM 1994 Jun 06 edition. "Food Saftey Hazards and Controls For the Home Food Preparer." Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management. June 2006. http://www.hi-tm.com/homeprep/Home-2006-2col-forpdf.pdf (accessed 11 9, 2011).

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Here Goes....

...we shall see how this pans out.  I've got so much to say, and who knows how much time left to say it!  I plan to post interesting things related to the business side of me (I am a Serial Entrepreneur---and yes there is such a thing.) here at Linda Sparkman's Blog.  

Additionally, I plan to post items more specific to Needle Arts on my blog titled "Black Sheep Northville".  There may be a little cross over, but that is my life.  I'll do my best to keep reader's from wasting their priceless time.  

Thanks a lot for visiting.  

Initial Test

This is a test. It is only a test. There is no need to adjust your settings, or run for cover, or anything like that. I will go away now. Bye.