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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My First Official Rant

Happy Days  are here again…I hope!  I’ve been on a virtual dark place for several days.  It started when I decided a business person like myself should not have “.blogspot.com” as part of their wonderful blog address.  U G H. 

First, I spent way too many hours on the phone with or w-a-i-t-i-n-g    on    h—o—l—d   with my web hosting company, Bizland with NO success.  They are losing points with me quickly.

Secondly, I spent way too many hours reading complicated jargon about redirecting and what-not, with no real success either.

Thirdly, the wonderful world of “Word Press” completly republished my site with their name plastered all over every page—not acceptable, or accessible. 

And, so, whether the “blogspot.com” makes me look like an amateur or not, I’m quite pleased with it for now.  --What did I expect for virtually no monetary outlay?  Ah, one day, far, far away…          

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