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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Introducing the Needle Art/Fun side of me

Today, I give you the berries!  I mean my sheep.  Have I mentioned I am the fortunate mother of wildly talented people?  Well, I am.  One of them, Joshua Sparkman, has created a delightful herd of cartoon sheep, championed by our Logo sheep, Huckelberry.

These are the berries I spoke of eariler.  Today, his special friend, Honeyberry learned to knit!  Way cool for a sheep to knit, I know.  (Just look at her scarf!) But, there is even MORE.

She is introducing a revolutionary new approach to knitting/crochet patterns.  It's just too fun! It's in ENGLISH.  "K2, P7, Sl 2 WYIB", and such is NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!  Hooray!

To get a FREE complete "UP-attern" [up pat turn] (stands for "Uncut Pattern", as in real words)
just e-mail your request to: lsparkman@blacksheepnorthville.com, or request one in the comments below.

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